دستگاه لیبل چسبان

دستگاه لیبل چسبان

Packing in manufacturing companies is one of the most important factors of a product. Nowadays, manufacturing companies are convinced that as much as a package of a kind or a commodity is more sophisticated and more creative, the possibility of purchasing goes up. Consumers across the globe are required to view a product’s precise information to identify a product, and carefully purchase the product before buying it, and after purchase, especially the product labels.

What is a label?

Some goods or products held in different containers are labeled or labeled. Manufacturers with these labels show more accurate information such as the name of the product, the ingredients, the date of manufacture and expiration, the names and production licenses that are of great importance in our country.

Labeling machine

Labels, generally designed and printed on the back of the adhesive, were traditionally pasted onto the product, but nowadays these labels are glued to the goods due to the volume of production and the need for high precision through the adhesive label device. To be

The sticker device should be very precise, given its position on the product line.

With the production of various models of automatic and semi-automatic stickers, the company has been able to cooperate with national factories in support of national production, and with many years of experience and expertise it has become an effective step in the production cycle of Iranian products.

The role of spray can be done by consulting your advisors before you purchase, by checking the product, line type and position of the machine in the production line, consulting without any side, and introducing the best type of adhesive lab device.

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