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naghshafshaneh Producer: Industrial Jet Printer, Handheld Jet Printer, Duplex Code Loader Jet Printer and Origin Designer, Adhesive Label, Label, Woman Label and Automatic or Manual Label, Egg Date, Thermal Date, Needle Marker and Provider Consumables such as: Ink, Solvent, Cartridges, Ribbon (Coding, Labeling & Marking Machinery). Since the beginning of 1997, Septong started its activities in the field of producing Erosion (for molding) and metal printers, and in 1999 in The field of coding and labeling machines began with an experienced and engineering team in the industry, and by making thermal printers and label labels Wematique entered the field of the industry, and in 2008, they completed their non-contact printer (jet printers) and marking systems for their coding and marking products.

According to the needs of this industry, Septan has started designing and manufacturing the following models of these machines and now all these machines and their complementary equipment are designed and constructed according to the needs of customers and according to the policy of economic justification for production Manufacturers have taken several steps in raising efficiency, producing quality and producing variety in production, and is now a manufacturer of coding machines (jet printers …) and labels (tagging stickers …) and marking (needle engraving and …) In Iran, it has a completely scientific structure and relies on the design of engineering and research in the field of improving related machines Ynmayd.

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