Label Applicator

Model : SA350 (Ampule Labeling)


1. Stainless steel applicator plate with relevant mechanical settings and cross elevator for setting the label position (Easy setting elevator )

2. Equipped with an advanced portable micro controller with a touch screen and 10   label memories

3. For small containers that are not able to stand up at the time of labeling and the falling of them is possible such as kinds of vials ,  test tubes and ampoules.

4. Step motor with a precision of 0.72 degrees(+ - 0.5 mm)

5. With engineering  set up  including : direction of the motor movement, maximum speed of line and the determination of the label out time and  step motor auto power off

6. Includes operator setup : Delay in labeling , Label stop , Label sensitivity , Speed of step motor , Label memories , Can be ordered at high speeds using a servo motor

7. With the special rolling conveyor belt

8. With the wrap around system and its elevator.

9. With a Labe error reporter and showing how to fix the corresponding error.

10. Automatic calibration of labels and the label skin

Our task is to manufacture a labeling machine depending on the type of your product container and the characteristics of your product line.