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label applicator model 380

$30 000 000

  1. With card feeder, shovel and date printer system
  2. With font setting ability up to 10 lines of Persian and Latin
  3. With print ability on types of paper labels and adhesive back labels ,medicine boxes , cards  and  dry cellophane or nylon (if it passes through the card feeder system)
  4. Maximize size of the label is 20 to 30 centimeters
  5. 220V power consumption
  6. Simple maintenance
  7. System Performance Mode : Fonts or numbers that are already arranged on the device will be heated and the card feeder will move the cards one by one  with the corresponding settings, and the arranged fonts will touch the solid ink that is heated, and when labels go under the heated fonts the desired date will be printed with a high speed on each of them (This printing is immediately dried and cannot be easily cleaned)
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Label dater for all types of paper labels without adhesive and adhesive back