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dot peen marking machine

$148 000 000

  1. Marking ability on metals and non-metallic surfaces, either flat or round (with a special needle and with a pressure of wind)
  2. Applicable to all automotive industries, Motorcycle, Airborne, Military, Industrials ,Home Appliances, Types of license plates to insert the names , logos, serial numbers and tracing codes and ……
  3. Ability to connect to a computer and equipped with a Windows-based software with a variety of text fonts
  4. With industrial axels (Dust proof – liner)
  5. The speed of the pen is 30 to 40 mm / s and the accuracy is up to 0.02 mm
  6. Provided in two models:Flat surfaces: (Imprint dimensions of 8 x 11 cm) – Round surfaces (up to 10 cm in diameter)
  7. Depth of engraving is  between 0.01 mm to 1 mm (depending on the materials)


Needle engraving to insert serial numbers on metal parts

Needle engraving for inserting logos on metal parts

Needle engraving for round surfaces and all kinds of plastic surfaces