dot peen marking

Dot Peen Marking

Model : SA150


1. Marking ability on metals and non-metallic surfaces, either flat or round (with a special needle and with a pressure of wind)

2. Applicable to all automotive industries, Motorcycle, Airborne, Military, Industrials ,Home Appliances, Types of license plates to insert the names , logos, serial numbers and tracing codes and ......

3. Ability to connect to a computer and equipped with a Windows-based software with a variety of text fonts

4. With industrial axels (Dust proof – liner)

5. The speed of the pen is 30 to 40 mm / s and the accuracy is up to 0.02 mm

6. Provided in two models:

                 Flat surfaces: (Imprint dimensions of 8 x 11 cm)

                 Round surfaces (up to 10 cm in diameter)

7. Depth of engraving is  between 0.01 mm to 1 mm (depending on the materials)