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The use of manual and industrial jet printers in various industries

The use of manual and industrial jet printers in various industries

Jet printer devices are seen in most factories, workshops and production environments. Every product at the end of the production line needs to include information such as production and expiration date, consumer price, product serial number, logo, barcode, etc. This task is performed by industrial printers called industrial jet printers. In addition to inserting product information for consumers to view and use, or recording information related to the production line, manufacturers use these devices to prevent product copying and counterfeiting. For example, by using UV jet printer inks, invisible words can be printed on the products, as well as the production line information can usually be used to identify the original product from the counterfeit.

What is a jet printer?

A jet printer is a type of inkjet printer that is used in the industry for fast and high-quality printing of variable product information such as production date, expiration date, manufacturing series, barcode and date, etc. on the product or product packaging or on different surfaces. will be Jet printers are generally divided into two categories: manual or portable jet printers and automatic or fixed jet printers.

What is a manual jet printer?

Manual jet printer, as the name suggests, is a small and portable jet printer that is mainly used for printing in limited editions or printing on surfaces and bulky goods such as beams, pipes, barrels, walls, etc.

Unlike manual jet printers, automatic jet printers are used for continuous and heavy activity in a high-volume production line. This type of printer is fixed and cannot be moved.

Application of jet printer in detergent, hygiene, cosmetic industries

Detergent, health and pharmaceutical industries play a very important role in providing health and meeting the cosmetic needs of the society by producing all kinds of perfumes, colognes, shampoos, creams, lotions, lipsticks, soaps, detergent powders, etc. Jet printer devices are responsible for inserting different information on different packages for this type of products. Including the date, series, and other manufacturing information assures consumers that the product they are using is safe for them. Also, jet printer devices can announce the authenticity and quality of the product to the customer through printing with invisible ink.

Printing in the pharmaceutical and medical industries

Pharmaceutical and medical industries, by producing a variety of products that are directly related to people’s health, use chat printer devices in their production lines to insert various information related to the production and consumption of their products. Printing on different medicines, syrups, different packages, sterile gas, disinfectant solutions, etc. is among the products that have been implemented by Kodajet Group in different industries.

Printing in the automotive industry

Printing on pads, filters and other parts of the automotive industry is done by a jet printer. One of the challenges that the parts makers in the automotive industry have in terms of printing on their products is the dark color of these products, or they need to print on their products with a color other than black in order to compete with similar foreign products. The jet printers offered by the Kodajet collection allow the owners of the automotive industry to print the information they want on their parts and products with white or any other high-quality color of their choice, including logos, production series, etc. insert Another part that is used on automotive devices and information is inserted on it using a jet printer is the types of car filters. Air and oil filters, car cabin filters, and overall internal and external car filters that are used in cars are among the products of the automotive industry that are printed on by jet printers.

Printing in the food and beverage industry

It can be said that the food and beverage industry is the most widely used industry in which jet printers are employed. No food and beverage product can be offered in the market, and even if it is offered, it cannot be bought, because consumers know that before buying, it is necessary to pay attention to the production and expiration date of the product. Therefore, the use of a jet printer is a necessity in the food and beverage industry so that, first of all, the date of production and expiration, and secondly, other information required by customers and industry owners can be inserted on the packages. The use of jet printers is used to insert dates and other information on products such as juice, mineral water, meat and meat products, dairy products, beans, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, bread, etc.

Printing in the pipe industry

Another industry where various information such as printing logos and logos, and product information are inserted on them by various types of jet printers is the pipe making industry. PVC pipes, propylene, push fit, and other pipe industry products use jet printers. Printing in this industry requires attention to its own technical issues. For example, the use of white ink and a female meter instead of a photocell is one of the points that must be taken into account when working with a jet printer.

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