Jet Printer (inkjet printer)

Model :  SA720


1. With piezo technology and 128 nozzles

2. Edit the parameters of the message by touching the device keyboard )model:SA720)

3. Using micro SD (mobile memory stick) to transfer messages from the computer to the printer or by connecting its own cable

4. With 200 dpi Resolution

5. Printing from 2 to 18 mm (1 to 8 Latin or Persian lines)

6. Low maintenance charge

7. Ability to print of Logos , Work shift, Automatic date, Serial number ,Time with minutes ,counter and………

8. Equipped the serial port RS232

9. Possibility to rotate fixed texts up to 90 degrees 

10. With hydraulic filter

11.  Possibility of continuous printing

12. The distance between the printer head and the product is from 1 

       Up to 10 mm.

13. The parameters : Date, Time, Serial no, Work shift, Upside down

      Printing  and so on.

14. No need to adjust the ink density.

15. Cross elevator to adjust the print position (easy adjustment)

16. The windows-based software with a variety of fonts and 

     Languages.( Persian, Arabic, English, Russian and…..)

17. Applicable in industries such as : Dairy, Food, Medicine, Detergents . 

    Cosmetics, Sanitary, Sweets, Chocolates, Painting colors, Oils, Chemicals, Poisons and   other industries…

18. Touch Screen included  for adjusting and displaying messages

19. 100 message memories