Egg Printer (Date printer)

Model : SA860


1. Available in 5 heads and 6 heads

2. 300 dpi resolution

3. Available in two body materials: iron (Electrostatic color) and steel

4. Equipped with a special elevator to adjust the egg eye

5. Equipped with an elevator to balance the printer with the egg container

6. With the best print head and the most up to dated cartridge in the world

7. No need to wash and repair

8. Running on Windows operating system

9. Ability to print of Logos , Automatic date and ……..

10. Available in English and Persian languages (Because of operating in windows)

11. 100 message memories

12.   With English menus

13. With touch screen and easy to use

14. With an average of 36 egg containers  per minute ( 6 egg cartons per minute)

15.   With the standard conveyor belt with 2 meters length and 40 centimeters width.

16. Ability to adjust  the height of the conveyor belt from 70 to 90 centimeters

17. Possibility to set 3 types of messages in an egg tray

18. The important point of the HP cartridge is to have nozzle , ink and filter in a tank and integrated order, which makes it easy to repair and maintain, and changes the  head of your printer's cartridge with the new one.