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one side label applicator

$160 000 000

  1. Stainless steel applicator plate with relevant mechanical settings and cross elevator for setting the label position (Easy setting elevator )
  2. Equipped with an advanced portable micro controller with a touch screen and 10 label memories
  3. Ability to connect to an automatic filler machines and capping machines
  4. Step motor with a precision of 0.72 degrees(+ – 0.5 mm)
  5. With engineering  set up  including : direction of the motor movement, maximum speed of line and the determination of the label out time and  step motor auto power off
  6. Includes Operator Setup : Delay in labeling , Label stop , Label sensitivity , Speed of step motor , Label memories , Can be ordered at high speeds using a servo motor
  7. With a Labe error reporter and showing how to fix the corresponding error.
  8. Automatic calibration of labels and the label skin
  9. It has an Arranger , second floor conveyor,  and a spacer system with the corresponding elevators (depending on the shape of  container and the customer order)

Our task is to manufacture a labeling machine depending on the type of your product container and the characteristics of your product line.

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One-sided flat adhesive label for all kinds of shampoos

One-sided flat adhesive label for cosmetic containers

One-sided flat adhesive label for pharmaceutical industry

One-sided adhesive label for vinegar

Adhesive labels for gallons of oil or oxidant

Adhesive label for 4 liter gallon