Hot Foil Printer

 Model :  SA450


1. Can be installed manually and automatically (For vertical packing machines and……)

2. With microcontroller and touch screen

3. Applicable in industries such as :Dairy, Food, Medicine, Detergents , Cosmetics, Sanitary, Sweets, Chocolates, Painting colors, Oils, Chemicals, Poisons and   other industries…

4. Temperature display and temperature control, Ribbon speed, electronic delay, pause of the jack , the speed of ribbon , the display and the pressure regulator.

5. Has a heater or slider element (easy to change). Balancing bed in 4 directions and font slider with toggle.

6. Contains steel letters and four lines

7. A cubic pneumatic jack along with guide bars

8. Electronic ribbon storage system

9. Step motor included

10.   English Menus

11. Displays sensor and heater error in English and how to fix that.