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rotary wrap around labeling

$170 000 000

Round adhesive label for containers with long and large labels, such as sports supplements and… (1) with aluminum or steel mechanical plate with mechanical adjustments and corresponding angles and a cross elevator to adjust the position of the label (elevator with convenient adjustment) (2) equipped with an advanced and portable microcontroller with a touch LCD screen and ten label memories (with Farsi menus)
(3) Ability to connect to all kinds of automatic filling and capping lines (4) It has a stepper motor with an accuracy of 0.72 degrees (±1 mm)
(5) with engineering settings (Setup Eng) including: direction of motor movement, maximum speed of the line, determining the duration of Auto power off and Label out (6) with operator settings including: labeling delay, label stop, label skin sensitivity, motor movement speed, label memory, etc., can be ordered at high speeds and using a servo motor
(7) with distance measuring system (according to order) (8) It has a rotary system that includes jacks and related rollers
(9) It has a label error reporter in Farsi language and how to fix the corresponding error (10) with automatic calibration of label and shell in Farsi —————————————- — Our task is to make a self-adhesive label machine, depending on the type of container and the specifications of your production line
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Rotary round adhesive label for round containers with long labels